Suburban Acres Neighborhood Watch Alert!

ALERT (received from a neighbor):

March 30:  A man has been going door-to-door in the rain, not carrying anything (if selling).  

Description:  Black male, approximately 6 ft tall, wearing a black jacket, khaki pants, and a red tie.   Police have been notified.

Neighbors were approached yesterday (3/29) by a young black woman who was supposedly selling magazines — though she wasn’t carrying anything.

REMEMBER:  We must be vigilant in our efforts to deter criminial activity in our neighborhood.  REPORT ANYONE and ANYTHING you think is unusual.   DO NOT open your door to strangers.

Secure your homes and vehicles.  Look after one another — know your neighbors and share information with them, i.e. “I’m going out of town this weekend”, or “I’m having contractors at the house”. 

This way, we know what to expect in our community.  It’s not being nosey…it’s being SAFE! 

Home invasions on the rise in Greater Wards Corner neighborhoods

The following text originally appeared on the web page on March 25, 2011:

In the past two weeks there have been several attempted and successful break-ins of homes in Greater Wards Corner neighborhoods. Suburban Acres, Restmere and Talbot Park have all reported incidents. It appears that these violators are walking and driving around looking for opportunities and casing the neighborhoods. In order to reduce this type of crime, listed below are a few suggestions made by the Norfolk Police:

  •  Make sure that you keep all doors and windows locked at all times.
  •  Do not open doors to strangers; especially if they are soliciting something.
  • If you have an alarm system, use it. If it’s broken, fix it. 
  • If you see something suspicious, strangers going door to door or unusual activity, please call the police with good and accurate information. 911

Communication will be key in alerting our neighbors and the police of suspicious activity. Call 911 first and when you get the chance, please send Louis Eisenberg at an email to describe the activity in order that it be posted on Wards Corner Now.

———– end ———–

Additionally, you are encouraged to send information to Ray Henson (SACL neighborhood watch coordinator), and to have information posted on

If you’re not already on the neighborhood watch email distribution…contact Ray

Be safe…and look out for eachother.

Free Self Defense Seminar


Elite Fitness365 is offering a Self Defense Seminar on Wednesday,  March 2, 2011 at 7:30pm at the gym. The seminar is FREE and open to the public.  There is limited space. Call to reserve your spot today.

Laura Tessier, DCJS (Department of Criminal Justice Services) Instructor for the State of Virginia, will show you how to employ practical, easy-to-learn hold breaks, blocks, strikes and throws.  You will learn how to use leverage, momentum and vital striking points against an attacker.  It’s not about size or strength, but attitude and skill.  You will be taught how to make your fear work to your advantage, to fight back, escape and survive in seemingly indefensible situations.

 Elite Fitness365
122 E. Little Creek Rd.
Norfolk, VA 23505



Prevent Car Break-Ins

Provided by our Community Resource Officer – Odell Davis:

Norfolk Police Department
Crime Prevention Tips To Prevent Car Break Ins

This flier is provided by the Norfolk Police Department to deter criminals from breaking into your vehicle.

Car break larcenies can occur anywhere. Primarily in places where there is a large concentration of vehicles. This would include parking garages, shopping facilities, churches, sporting/recreation events, and restaurants.

Here are some tips which will hopefully keep you from being a victim!

  • The best advice, do not leave anything of value in your vehicle in plain sight that you do not want taken.
  • Always lock your doors even if you plan to be away from your vehicle for a short time. Example: running in to pay for gas.
  • Park in well lighted areas.
  • When shopping, always make sure to place purchases in the trunk and out of sight before going to the next shopping area to park.
  • Try to maintain a “clutter free” vehicle.
  • Remove GPS systems from view when leaving vehicle.
  • Consider replacing standard license plate screws with theft deterrent screws available at auto parts stores.


Don’t be a Victim. Help us help you. Eliminate Opportunity and Eliminate Crime!


 Norfolk Police Crime Prevention Unit

2500 N. Military Highway

Norfolk Virginia 23502


Burglary Prevention Tips for Homeowners

Homeowners can reduce their vulnerability to burglary by making sure that they have done all they can do to give the appearance of a property that practices good security measures. Residents can deter potential burglars by making it as hard as possible to gain entry.

Consider these target-hardening suggestions:

  •  Lighting: Assure that all entry points to the building are properly illuminated. Leave enough interior lighting to detect movement, and make sure blinds or curtains do not prevent detection of activity from outside. Ensure that all existing lighting is in good working order and of sufficient illumination.
  • Doors: Check for signs of weakness. Use updated, heavy duty locks that are in good working condition. Rear doors should be of solid construction. 
  • Locks: Make sure that all doors, windows, and skylights are secured with the best possible locks. No lock is burglar proof, but the harder it is to gain entry, the longer it will take which increases the chances of getting caught. The potential intruder will probably leave to find another property which is not as secure and where the risks are not as great.
  • Windows: Secure windows in such a way that they cannot be easily defeated from outside. Make a habit of checking all of the windows of your residence on a daily basis. Burglars will look for open or unlocked windows. Keep windows clear of obstructions to allow police officers or passers-by to see inside. Keep valuable merchandise away from windows to prevent “smash and grabs.”
  • Safes: Safes should be secured to the floor and should not be visible from the outside.
  • Roof: Make sure that any access to the residence from the roof such as a skylight or ventilation systems are secured from the inside.
  •  Alarm Systems: Install an alarm system. Research alarm companies and the types of alarms that fit your needs and your budget. If utilizing an alarm system, post signage stating that the premises is protected by an alarm system.
Norfolk Police Crime Prevention Section

2500 N. Military Highway

Norfolk Virginia 23502


Consider a free security survey for your residence which can be obtained by contacting the Norfolk Police Department Crime Prevention Unit at 757-664-6901.




The Norfolk Police Department

As a crime prevention measure during the holiday season, police would like to remind our community that many of our activities increase our potential for victimization. Criminals are aware that people carry more cash on their persons and make more purchases during the holidays. Your assistance is needed in reducing the number of larcenies of personal property from vehicles. These items usually include purses, wallets, cell phones, laptops, and handbags. You can reduce the likelihood of becoming a victim of a larceny, robbery or burglary by following a few crime prevention practices.

#1your valuables Lock up ! Lock them inside your car trunk or just keep them with you (DO NOT LEAVE ITEMS UNATTENDED). Keep a ledger of property serial numbers to aid police in the event property does turn up missing or stolen. If you must leave packages or valuables in your vehicle make sure they are hidden from view, preferably locked in trunk.

 #2Tighten security practices at home! Most thieves look for opportunities to test the security of residences. Do not leave unlocked doors or windows and be sure not to open a door to anyone you do not recognize or that does not have a legitimate reason to enter.

 #3 – Advise security or call police if something appears suspicious!  Thieves often pose as delivery personnel, couriers, or other seemingly legitimate persons. Many walk through neighborhoods to see if they get stopped or questioned or to ‘test’ the security measures and have false ‘prepared’ explanations. Don’t be afraid to question anyone you may be in doubt of or have police investigate the individual as soon as possible.  

 #4If an incident does occur provide the police with details! Notify the police immediately with the following: Suspect’s race, sex, approximate age, clothing description, height, weight, and physical features, (glasses, facial hair, tattoos, etc), last location/direction/mode of travel (bike, vehicle, license plate, state, color, model, etc).



CALL 441-5610 for Non-Emergency Police Concerns and 911 for Emergencies       


Make Your Home Safe for Trick-or-Treaters

This Halloween, it’s TRICK-or-treat!  Get ready with a few tips:

1) Avoid tripping trick-or-treaters! Take things like hoses, ladders, flowerpots, wires, lawn furniture and bikes off your porch, driveway and sidewalk — anywhere you think kids may be walking on Halloween.

2) Turn on porch and outside lights It’s easier for trick-or-treaters to see! (This is a good time to replace burnt-out, outdoor light bulbs.) 3) Clean sweep Sweep the leaves off your walkways and porches.

4) Clear the path Keep outdoor decor, jack-o-lanterns and candles away from sidewalks, dry leaves, and Halloween decorations — you get the idea.

5) Pets Dogs, cats and other pets may be frightened or excited by the ringing doorbell, trick-or-treat screaming and unexpected Halloween visitors. If you have an excitable pet, consider putting him or her in a safe, quiet area away from the festivities.

6) Candy — or no? Purchase individually wrapped candies. Or, consider handing out non-candy alternatives like colored pencils, erasers, small pads of paper (perfect for notes, doodles and diaries.)

7) Not home? If you are going out, remember to turn on home security systems and lock doors and windows. And, don’t leave the porch light on! In many communities, a lit porch light means you’re ready for trick-or-treaters.

8) Caution! If you’re out driving, be cautious and go slowly — this is a big night for kids and families and they are walking the neighborhood.

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Neighborhood Watch Meeting

Tuesday, 26 January @ 6:30 PM

at the Community Mediation Center

(BBB building on Virginian @ Thole St)

You are cordially invited to the long-promised first meeting of our Neighborhood Watch for the New Year, to be held on Tuesday, January 26 at the Community Mediation Center, 586 Virginian Drive. (Please note that at the Suburban Acres Civic League meeting last week I originally announced that this meeting would be on the 25th, but this conflicted with the SACL Board Meeting scheduled for that evening.)
We’ll take some time at the outset to meet, greet, and have some refreshments while we conduct Block Captain & Block Watcher sign-ups and update our phone/e-mail trees. After that, we’ll get down to the other business at hand for this initial meeting, to include:
§ Overview of Neighborhood Watch goals, organization, and individual roles
§ Norfolk Police Department involvement/support
§ Setting priorities and goals for the year (including meeting schedule)
Please reply back if you plan to attend, and don’t hesitate to spread the word with your neighbors. Looking forward to seeing you there!
Rob Lain