Burglary Prevention Tips for Homeowners

Homeowners can reduce their vulnerability to burglary by making sure that they have done all they can do to give the appearance of a property that practices good security measures. Residents can deter potential burglars by making it as hard as possible to gain entry.

Consider these target-hardening suggestions:

  •  Lighting: Assure that all entry points to the building are properly illuminated. Leave enough interior lighting to detect movement, and make sure blinds or curtains do not prevent detection of activity from outside. Ensure that all existing lighting is in good working order and of sufficient illumination.
  • Doors: Check for signs of weakness. Use updated, heavy duty locks that are in good working condition. Rear doors should be of solid construction. 
  • Locks: Make sure that all doors, windows, and skylights are secured with the best possible locks. No lock is burglar proof, but the harder it is to gain entry, the longer it will take which increases the chances of getting caught. The potential intruder will probably leave to find another property which is not as secure and where the risks are not as great.
  • Windows: Secure windows in such a way that they cannot be easily defeated from outside. Make a habit of checking all of the windows of your residence on a daily basis. Burglars will look for open or unlocked windows. Keep windows clear of obstructions to allow police officers or passers-by to see inside. Keep valuable merchandise away from windows to prevent “smash and grabs.”
  • Safes: Safes should be secured to the floor and should not be visible from the outside.
  • Roof: Make sure that any access to the residence from the roof such as a skylight or ventilation systems are secured from the inside.
  •  Alarm Systems: Install an alarm system. Research alarm companies and the types of alarms that fit your needs and your budget. If utilizing an alarm system, post signage stating that the premises is protected by an alarm system.
Norfolk Police Crime Prevention Section

2500 N. Military Highway

Norfolk Virginia 23502


Consider a free security survey for your residence which can be obtained by contacting the Norfolk Police Department Crime Prevention Unit at 757-664-6901.

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