The Norfolk Police Department

As a crime prevention measure during the holiday season, police would like to remind our community that many of our activities increase our potential for victimization. Criminals are aware that people carry more cash on their persons and make more purchases during the holidays. Your assistance is needed in reducing the number of larcenies of personal property from vehicles. These items usually include purses, wallets, cell phones, laptops, and handbags. You can reduce the likelihood of becoming a victim of a larceny, robbery or burglary by following a few crime prevention practices.

#1your valuables Lock up ! Lock them inside your car trunk or just keep them with you (DO NOT LEAVE ITEMS UNATTENDED). Keep a ledger of property serial numbers to aid police in the event property does turn up missing or stolen. If you must leave packages or valuables in your vehicle make sure they are hidden from view, preferably locked in trunk.

 #2Tighten security practices at home! Most thieves look for opportunities to test the security of residences. Do not leave unlocked doors or windows and be sure not to open a door to anyone you do not recognize or that does not have a legitimate reason to enter.

 #3 – Advise security or call police if something appears suspicious!  Thieves often pose as delivery personnel, couriers, or other seemingly legitimate persons. Many walk through neighborhoods to see if they get stopped or questioned or to ‘test’ the security measures and have false ‘prepared’ explanations. Don’t be afraid to question anyone you may be in doubt of or have police investigate the individual as soon as possible.  

 #4If an incident does occur provide the police with details! Notify the police immediately with the following: Suspect’s race, sex, approximate age, clothing description, height, weight, and physical features, (glasses, facial hair, tattoos, etc), last location/direction/mode of travel (bike, vehicle, license plate, state, color, model, etc).



CALL 441-5610 for Non-Emergency Police Concerns and 911 for Emergencies       


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