Officers / Contacts

3 thoughts on “Officers / Contacts

  1. Wonderful web site and newsletter. Do you have written by laws and if so could we see a copy?? Thanks so much.
    Lynn Roth Taylor

  2. On Tuesday, August 28, I spoke before city council in protest of bike lanes being installed on Granby Street. I was greatly outnumber by the bike lanes proponetss. Nevertheless, bike lanes on Granby will create a traffic nightmare not only for the residents of this area, but also the schools, emergency vehicles, businesses and anyone who travels the granby corridor on a regular basis. The guidelines for traffic volume strongly oppose bike lanes on streets with daily traffic volumes of 20,000 vehicles. Granby Street carries in excess of 30,000 vehicles. At city council I had the pleasure of watching a very organized civic league fight and win against a zoning change for an office complex. There is strength in numbers. I can’t fight this battle alone. If anyone is interested in joining the Citizens Against Bike Lanes on Granby please contact me via e mail.

    Thank you

  3. It’s disappointing that there are people in the neighborhood who don’t clean up after their dogs after they’ve relieved themselves in another person’s yard. Doesn’t happen often but once is too much. I suspect it’s only one or two people who are repeat offenders. Too bad they don’t respect other people’s property.

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