Suburban Acres Neighborhood Watch Alert!

ALERT (received from a neighbor):

March 30:  A man has been going door-to-door in the rain, not carrying anything (if selling).  

Description:  Black male, approximately 6 ft tall, wearing a black jacket, khaki pants, and a red tie.   Police have been notified.

Neighbors were approached yesterday (3/29) by a young black woman who was supposedly selling magazines — though she wasn’t carrying anything.

REMEMBER:  We must be vigilant in our efforts to deter criminial activity in our neighborhood.  REPORT ANYONE and ANYTHING you think is unusual.   DO NOT open your door to strangers.

Secure your homes and vehicles.  Look after one another — know your neighbors and share information with them, i.e. “I’m going out of town this weekend”, or “I’m having contractors at the house”. 

This way, we know what to expect in our community.  It’s not being nosey…it’s being SAFE! 

2 thoughts on “Suburban Acres Neighborhood Watch Alert!

  1. she was at my house today @ 4:15, asked my babysitter if the lady of the house was home, sitter said no & she leftmost word on anything, she was a black woman wearing black jeans carrying a black & white umbrella.

    dee adams
    Kirby Crescent

  2. Hi. The young man in the rain also came to my door. My dog made such a ruckus that I just shook my head, ‘no’ smiled and closed the door. I, too, encountered the young woman yesterday in our neighborhood. She did not appear to be going door-to-door she just sort of showed up out of no where and gravitated to a group of us with our dogs on someone’s front yard. Another woman not from the neighborhood was was walking at the same time. The woman said she was selling magazines. She said she was from St. Louis and selling the magazine to support her son. She was very young. It could be the annual onslaught of magazine sellers that show up, or the folks casing houses for break-ins. The magazine sellers tend to be very pushy and never stop talking you literally have to walk away from them.

    I’ll keep an eye out. Thanks for these reports.

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