Civic League Minutes July 10th 2017

10 July 2017 SACL Meeting.  (Minutes by Diane Ruhl (Secretary)

Meeting called to order by President Rob Lane at 6:30 pm at Norfolk Collegiate High School. Pledge of Allegiance said, Welcome to visitors.  Rob introduced Darlene from New Oasis Education at Norfolk Collegiate High School.  She briefly talked about the International Student Host program for students from China who will attend Collegiate from 9/10th grade through their Senior Year.  These students are looking for host families for the their time in the US.  Call Norfolk Collegiate H.S. and inquire about this program if your interested in becoming a host family.

Community Resource Officer Report:  (Officer Bill Old III and LT Kelly)

LT Kelly spoke about Crime statistics and how they acquire these statistics through trend and analysis of the areas in our Neighborhood.  Officer Old talked about the incidents in our Neighborhood and active investigations.  Stay tuned for this crime stats sent on email and Next Door emails.

If you have any issues or see anything out of the ordinary in our neighborhood, please call The non-emergency number 441-5610.

Neighborhood Watch:  NTR

Program Speakers:  Martin Thomas (Norfolk City Councilman and Lawyer)  He spoke about the Wards Corner area and opportunities for new businesses that were in the works.  One of the opportunities he mentioned was the Granby street Shops where the Sentara spaces are now; adding a Physical Therapy site and the possibility of a doughnut shop.  He also spoke about the plans for a Kroger Marketplace being put in where the old KMART was on Military Hwy and Norview.  Questions were asked about where the cities priorities are and Councilman Thomas mentioned that in the last few years the focus was on First:  The Wellness Ctr (which was bought by the city) Second, Titustown area where the city purchased and tore down old apartments (crime was out of control in that area) and 3rd the Denbeigh Park area (Texas Streets) which is being revitalized.  There is a Wards Corner Now website (M. Thomas started) that you can check out for any new updates on Wards Corner.  Also, some members mentioned the bike lanes again and why they were put in.  Councilman Thomas said that they are still studying the bike lanes and will determine which ones work the best for the area.  For now all the lanes and polls will remain until that study is complete.  He said we are trying to provide all avenues to transportation around our city.  Bikes are just one way.

Committee Reports:

Norfolk Liaison:  Karen Mayne (Board Member/Liaison) Talked about the upcoming civic league meeting and events.  October we will have a crock pot cook-off and in December a pot luck with a Christmas party.

Vice President: Louie talked about our upcoming speakers for the next 3 months.  They will be listed in the next newsletter.

Membership: Mary Ann Grogan: We have taken in dues for 5 new family and 1 Individual.

Treasurer:  Mary Ann Grogan: As of 30 June we have $1559.21 in our account.  Most which has come from our successful advertising push.  Also we are waiting on the $700.00 EARRN check for our participation in the Cities recycle and clean up programs.  Thank you everyone who participated.

EARRNS:  Susan Winston – waiting on the EARRN check for our participation.

Old BusinessThe July 4th picnic and Children/Pet parade was well attended!!  Thank you to all who volunteer and the board members who took the lead on this event.  There were at least 125 neighbors at the event.  The Norfolk Sheriff was also in attendance and lead the parade.  Thank you to Brian Z for his donation of  ice and drinks for the picnic.

Jodee Cook mentioned that the new Flora was being cut out and ready for painting.  She should be ready to go by the end of August.

New Business:

Announcements and Dates for Events:

Next Civic League meeting is 14 August 2017.  See you all there

Meeting adjourned at 8:00pm

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