Civic League Minutes 10 April 2017

10 April 2017 SACL Meeting.  (Minutes by Diane Ruhl (Secretary)

Meeting called to order by President Rob Lane at 6:30 pm at Norfolk Collegiate High School. Pledge of Allegiance said, Welcome to visitors.

Community Resource Officer Report:  (Officer Bill Old III)

Officer Old gave the crime incident report and also spoke abut the speed study in the works for Suburban Parkway.  He will let us know the outcome at the our next meeting.  A few SACL members asked questions about the No parking signs on Gunn Court that are not being enforced.  Officer Old will have this issue looked into to.  SACL President mentioned a meeting he attended at the 3rd Precinct that he attended for the Citizen advisory board.  He met the new Captain, Capt McBride.  Rob mentioned having members of the civic league attending the next advisory board meeting.  TBD.

If you have any issues or see anything out of the ordinary in our neighborhood, please call The non-emergency number 441-5610.

Neighborhood Watch:  NTR

Program Speakers:  

Robert Tahan (Zoning Administration):  Bobby spoke about the 2015 Flood Maps sent by Fema, Insurance rates based on Flood Risk.  Fema viewed studies on Storm Water, Coastal flooding, Parcipitation (rain/storms) in the are to put together the new maps.  As of 17 February, 2017 these Maps are finalized and available on city website at

Bike Program Speaker. (Paul)

We are listed as a Bronze Bike Ready City which is great, but were looking to improve that.   There is still a paving plan looking for opportunities to add bike and people paths on old roads that are wider than needed for the cars.  You will notice that changes already, for example the Granby Street bridge bike lane and the lane all the way down Lewellyn.  Several side streets already marked or marked with barriers.  Paul spoke about the the South Hampton Roads Trail concept and the Elizabeth River Trail upgrades.

Please remember to Share the Road and watch out for bikers.  More and more are taking to the road.  Pay attention!!!

Committee Reports:

Vice President:  Spoke about the successful “Day of Community Service” that the Norfolk Collegiate School students participated in, in our neighborhood and Suburban Park Elementary.  They cleaned up our neighborhood as well as reading to the students at S.P.E.

Our next guest speaker will be Councilwomen Andria McClellan.

Membership: We have taken in dues for 7 new members since last meeting.

Treasurer: As of 31 March we have $1502.11 in our account.  Most which has come from our successful advertising push.  Thank you Pearl and Mary Ann.

EARRNS:  Because of the “Day of Community Service” with Norfolk Collegiate students there will be no clean up day on 20 May.  If anyone has any electronics they need to recycle, Honda of Norfolk will take it.  They will also take used oil and gasoline if you need to dispose of any.

City Liaison:  Karen Mayne spoke about the follow-up on the Thole Street median and parking on Suburban Pkwy near Norfolk Collegiate.

Old Business:

Rob Lane (Pres.) will be the lead on 4th of July Parade and Picnic.  We have lots of volunteers but can always use more.  Get your floats and decorations ready!!!

Wards Corner Festival is planned for June and will be held at the Wellness Center on Newport Ave.

New Business:

The Pastor from Talbot Park Elementary spoke about he Garage Sale they will be hosting on 6 May (Sat)  You can reserve a space at the sale for $25.00 to sell you goods.

Dave Moeller spoke about his car club raffle tickets that for sale.  He will bring tickets to the next meeting if your interested in buying.

50/50/Raffle: NTR

Announcements and Dates for Events:

Next Civic League meeting is 08 May 2017.  See you all there

Meeting adjourned at 8:00pm

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