Meadowbrook residents kept in the dark on school site redevelopment


The City of Norfolk solicited requests for proposals for the site of Meadowbrook Elementary School without contacting or consulting the Meadowbrook Civic League, which might have provided helpful input on parameters for future redevelopment.  The city received three development proposals, none of which meet the criteria outlined in the civic league’s position statement, primarily due to the residential density of the proposals, and lack of enough green space being maintained. A public forum was finally held on February 19th after inquiries and disappointment was expressed by the Meadowbrook Civic League.  The smallest of the three proposals will result in 22 single-family homes, the largest specifies up to 90 apartment units.

The former Meadowbrook School, shuttered in 2009, is on Preservation Virginia’s 2011 list of Most Endangered Historic Sites in Virginia

You can review the proposed concepts, see the developers’ pitches, and provide input for the development of the site at THIS LINK

Find Meadowbrook Civic League’s position statement and petition HERE

This is a great Virginian Pilot article with all the background, and Meadowbrook residents’ frustrations: “Residents say Norfolk kept them in the dark”    (Stephen M. Katz photo, The Virginian Pilot-above)

Sign the online petition at

Additional information available on

FBLike the Save Meadowbrook Group’s Facebook page HERE

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