2 thoughts on “State Police launch new mobile crime prevention ap

  1. For a true Christmas miracle… Gideon has been missing since the weekend before July 4th. He is my dad’s cat (who is 89 and lives in Gloucester). My dad was going to visit my brother out if town and forgot to find someone to take care of him so we were elected to bring him here while Dad was gone. Unfortunately, Gideon was staying on our porch and broke through the screen and ran off.

    Tonight, my brother came to bring my dad for a holiday dinner and brought his dog who had been a puppy with Gideon when he was a kitten. While I was cooking, my brother went out back to see his dog and Gideon had come to visit!!! He went straight to my brother and then nuzzled a while with his buddy the dog. Amazing! Gideon looks great and he must have been eating somewhere because he is in good shape and spirits and is on his way home to Gloucester! My dad was sure he was gone forever! I will send a picture next.

    Thanks for the good thoughts! They paid off!

    Amy Colaizzi

    Sent from Amy’s iPhone


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