PrizeUpdate-SmallA PARADE PRIZE UPDATE has been added to our “Events” page!

And remember, hot dogs, chips, and drinks are provided at the picnic…but you bring the desserts! Winner of the dessert contest receives a copy of Tidewater Table, the new cook book by Virginian Pilot columnist and staff epicure Lorraine Eaton.  And…the winner will be featured in a future Eaton column in The Pilot.


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  1. Remember, July 4th is trash/recycle day. I have made one contact with the Trast Division and made them aware that there will be a Parade in the area. They may attempt to pick up first thing, or late day. I asked for first thing, so we can remove containers from curb. Just an FYI.
    Artie Derrenbacker
    400 Brickby Road

  2. Artie, yes, you’re right…apparently the sanitation guys don’t get the holiday off! Normal collection on Thursday. Fortunately our parade lasts all of 25 minutes so hopefully we won’t interfere with each other. The recycling truck normally comes pretty early.

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