New Lafayette River Page

Flooding to be addressed through Suburban Acres / Suburban Park by work on Parkdale Channel

The "Parkdale Channel"

The City of Norfolk’s Storm Water Division is conducting an engineering study to evaluate solutions to the some of the long-term flooding problems along the creek that runs from Thole Street (by Suburban Park Elementary School) up to Virginian Drive.  This creek, called the “Parkdale Stream” or Parkdale Channel” is part of the Lafayette River’s headwaters.

RiverFEST 2013 scheduled for Saturday April 27th…

See the information on the Parkdale Channel and RiverFEST at our new:


One thought on “New Lafayette River Page

  1. The water flowing under Thole Street also surrounds the peninsula of land made up of Granby Park and Glen Echo Drive all of the way to Midfield Street. Heavy rains cause flooding on the 200 block of Glen Echo on a regular basis. Please help us with our flooding problem too! The non native evasive plants were planted years ago behind Suburban Park Elementary School to prevent erosion. They have spread throughout the area on the north side of Thole not just in the Parkdale Channel. Unless these plants are removed from all of the waters north of Thole Street they will surely spread back into the Parkdale Channel area.

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