2009 Survey

Help set our Civic League goals for 2009.

The SACL Executive Committee needs to know what is important to you as we plan for the coming year.

It’s important that neighborhood issues are addressed and good ideas incorporated.  With a few hundred families in our community, not everything can be included in the 2009 plan, but the Executive Committee will be charged with assessing and prioritizing what is presented.

Please complete survey in the recent newsletter (or print it from this link) and bring it to the January meeting,  or email the following details to the Civic League by 15 January.

  • Your ideas and/or concerns
  • [optional]   Your name, phone #, address, and email.
  • Indication whether or not you would like to be contacted to support an event or participate in a committee

send feedback to:  suburbanacres@gmail.com

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