SACL Meeting Notification

Civic League Meeting Signs are here!

In addition to the email notifications and this website, Suburban Acres Civic League is now posting four (4) meeting signs (seen below) to give neighbors a gentle reminder.  Beginning in January, the Civic League will meet at Suburban Park Elementary  on the second Monday of EACH month.  (A vote in January will be held to move the time up to 6:30PM)

Sign Locations:

  1. Thole St median near Tinee Giant
  2. Thole St median in front of Suburban Park Elementary
  3. Virginian Dr @ Louisiana Ave
  4. Suburban Pkwy @ in front of Suburban House (near Norfolk Collegiate)

* Thanks to those neighbors who are helping to manage the display of the signs.

The board is looking into procuring a couple more signs to cover the Granby Park – Fife St area.

SACL Meeting Sign

SACL Meeting Sign

* The attractive signs were created by Suburban Acres’ own Elizabeth Emmons (owner of Bayview Signs).

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