Lafayette River

River-Nborhood-Topo1965It surrounds our neighborhood on three sides…our entire neighborhood is part of its watershed…it is a major tributary of the Elizabeth River…

“We will endow our children with safe swimming and fishing in a bountiful    Lafayette River.
         …The Lafayette River Steering Committee

Invite Your Neighbors to Shine with River Star Homes and the Elizabeth River Project

1795With your help, the River Star Homes community continues to grow. Tell your neighbors to sign up … It’s free, easy and means so much!  Help us reach 2,000 “stars” in 2014.   Sign up HERE

Join the Elizabeth River Project & River Star Homes Jan. 25, 9-11 am for bird watching on the Lafayette River.bird

Meet other River Star homeowners and take part in our first event of 2014. We’ll meet at the Hermitage Museum and then carpool to several locations on the Lafayette River. We have extra binoculars,
but remember to bring your camera! Mary Reid Barrow (wildlife journalist) will also be taking part in a portion of our trip. Be sure to tell her why you’re a River Star Home!

RSVP to Diana Larkin at 757-397-7487 or

Flooding to be addressed through Suburban Acres / Suburban Park by work on Parkdale Channel

The City of Norfolk’s Storm Water Division is conducting an engineering study to evaluate solutions to the some of the long-term flooding problems along the creek that runs from Thole Street (by Suburban Park Elementary School) up to Virginian Drive.  This creek, called the “Parkdale Stream” or Parkdale Channel” is part of the Lafayette River’s headwaters.

The "Parkdale Channel"

The “Parkdale Channel”

Click on the “Parkdale Channel Flooding Work” link under the Lafayette River button at the top of your screen.



SeahorseSeahorse inspires more searching in the Lafayette River

The discovery of a seahorse during a survey in the Lafayette River  in July excited scientists and environmentalists. The creature prefers clean habitats.

Here’s the Virginian Pilot article by Scott Harper (Sep. 14, 2012)


Elizabeth River Project’s Lafayette River Restoration Site

Riverstar Homes

Gardening here in the Lafayette River watershed?  Here’s the Chesapeake Bay Foundation NATIVE PLANT GUIDE 


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